Scholarships and Bursaries in Singapore  

A basic tenet of Singapore’s education system is that no citizen is denied an education because of a lack of funds. As such, there are a variety of scholarship and bursary programmes to help deserving students attain the highest level of education possible. Scholarships are also popular with Singapore students because many of them offer study opportunities at top local and foreign universities that include employment opportunities after graduation.

Private and public institutions in Singapore offer a variety of scholarships to students. Selection is usually based on academic excellence and leadership, or co-curricular track records.
Some of the scholarships include:
In addition, some educational institutions offer their own scholarships. Examples include:

Tuition Fee Grant

You can still access educational financing even if you do not get a scholarship. The Ministry of Education has a Tuition Fee Grant that subsidises up to 80 per cent of tuition fees for all students in local universities and polytechnics. Qualified foreign students need not repay the grant but must sign an agreement to work with any Singapore-registered company for three years upon graduation.


Foreign students can also apply for a bursary to pay for their tuition fees and other expenses. Bursaries are awarded purely on the basis of financial need and are administered by the educational institutions themselves. Some bursaries offered include:
Please check with your educational institution to find out what is available. Or refer to the Education Ministry’s website for more information.

Study Loans

Study loans are also offered by various financial institutions in Singapore. Generally, these tend to cater to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Students can consider taking study loans from banks in Singapore that offer different rates according to different sets of criteria, or using a family member’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) account to take up an education loan. Do speak to a bank officer for more information on study loans, or visit the CPF website for information on how to apply for study loans through a family member’s CPF account.